This Question & Answer series shall take you through the most important things around our website. The questions may arise throughout the usage of the site, and or while order the products or services you may desire.

What is Prize.sg?

We created Prize.sg to give you an opportunity to participate in our random raffle game where you can win amazing prizes for free at Singapore.

Free tickets

Prize tickets are free and will remain free. If you Sign Up we will email your ticket to your mailbox and you just have to activate it and waiting for the prize draw. Activating can be done when the clock is ticking, you will be notified about the prize draws.

Prize draws

Prize draws are usually on Thursdays. When one ends, another begins right after that.

How to register?

Just give your email address, click Sign Up. Some basic data required and after that we are going to send your free Prize ticket.

I have the email but I couldn't claim my ticket by click the link

Just copy the link and paste it to your browser then hit enter.

I want to advertise my product here

You can advertise your company or product here. For more information please contact us at http://prize.sg/support


There are no hidden costs, shipping is also free. We are kindly ask you a photograph showing you only and when you received the prize we will publish that with your product.

Is there any technical support?

There is an online technical support available to customers. The online technical support can be reached by the contact menu. Once a message is received, an automated email is sent to the client about its arrival and the technical support people will reply to every technical support related questions within the shortest time so that all issues in relation to technical issues or any problem can be solved within minutes.