On the website www.prize.sg (hereinafter: Website) a raffle is accessible, the purpose of which is to register players, draw prizes, data management and the operation of direct marketing activities.

The Organizer does not make participation in the raffle or winning prizes dependent upon payment or providing pecuniary advantage by the player, nor upon purchases of goods or services from the Organizer or a third party.

The raffle is ongoing. The Organizer independently determines the duration of the game and the time of the draw. Participants in the raffle are persons who register to the raffle within the given time limit and who are eligible to the raffle as per the terms and conditions of these Policies.

Organizer of the raffle and owner of the site: Zeus Holding Market Ltd. (No. 1885546; address: Intershore Chambers, 3rd Floor, Geneva Place, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110 BVI; email: info@zeusholding.com) (hereinafter: Organizer).

  1. Terms of participating in the raffle:
    • Registering on the Website, in the course of which the participant provides their data in the registration form, accepts the regulations of these Policies and consents to the privacy policy as specified in these Policies.
    • Age: 18 years or older.
    • Residence in Singapore, having an NRIC number.
    • Acceptance of these Policies.
    No employee, subcontractor or collaborator of the Organizer contributing to the organization of the Raffle, or employee of such, or immediate family member of the aforementioned may participate in the Raffle.
  2. Participants shall provide their own personal data. In case the participant does not provide their own personal data within 15 days, the Organizer assumes no responsibility for any disputes arising from rights of profile use concerning the raffle. In such cases the Organizer is entitled to exclude the player providing someone else’s data or false data from participation.
  3. Each player shall register to the raffle only once. In case of multiple registrations, the Organizer is entitled to discard all registrations from the given player and exclude the player from participation.
  4. The Organizer considers winners to be those players whom the computer randomly draws from the pool of registered players.
  5. Drawn prizes are provided by the Organizer, according to their agreement with their business partners. The Organizer provides information about the prizes on the Website.
    Images of the prizes published by the Organizer on the raffle’s home page and advertisements are for illustrative purposes only. The Organizer is not a distributor of the prizes, and players shall not claim warranties from the Organizer to such products. The Organizer provides the winning player with instructional and warranty documents.
  6. The Organizer informs winners of their prizes and method of delivery within 15 days via the provided email address. The Organizer is not liable for delays and failure of communication or delivery due to incorrect data provided by the player.
    In order to receive the prize, the winner is required to upload a picture of him- or herself, and supply their NRIC number, exact address and phone number. Shipping of prizes is handled by the Organizer within 60 days following the upload of the picture and the provision of data.
    In case the winner provides incorrect or false data, or does not receive the email notification due to the winner’s negligence, resulting in failed notification, the Organizer’s obligation to deliver the prize ceases after 30 days of sending the email.
  7. The Organizer reserves the right to make a decision on using the prizes not delivered for any reason. The user is not obligated to organize additional draws for the undelivered item.
  8. Each Prize is non-transferrable and not redeemable for cash.
  9. Terms of participating in the raffle include acceptance of these Policies. Players accept these Policies by registering to the raffle.
  10. Winners shall bear all incidental taxes concerning prizes, including the obligations of declaration and filing of the prize, and the determining and payment of the tax amount.
  11. Privacy Policy
    1. Data of the players is handled by the Organizer. Players participating in the raffle and accepting these Policies expressly consent to their personal data being handled by the Organizer as specified below.
    2. The legal grounds for data management is the voluntary consent of the players. Players accept these Policies as part of their registration process to the raffle, and consent to the handling of their personal data as described in these Policies. These Policies are considered as notification of players of such actions.
      Handling of personal data takes place at the registered office, branch site, and company residence of the Organizer, or at the data processing premise appointed by the Organizer. Decisions concerning data handling are made by the Organizer.
      During the course of registration, the player provides data required for identification and communication (name, email address, date of birth, sex, residence, phone number), as well as data required for the given raffle specified on the registration form. Data marked as required on the registration form is a prerequisite of successful registration. The primary purpose of handling data provided during the course of the registration process is the organization and arrangement of the raffle, drawing, identifying and notifying the winners, and delivering the prize. The purpose of data handling is to identify and communicate with the players. Furthermore, the purpose of data handling is to ensure the functioning of the website services and to further develop these services, as well as the sending of newsletters and advertisements as specified below.
    3. The Organizer has the right to use the contact information (email address, postal address, phone number and other identifiers used for communication) of the player to send promotional electronic mail relating to the Organizer or the Organizer’s activities, newsletter or advertisement relating to the service, and to send notifications for such purposes to the player. The player expressly consents to the Organizer placing advertisements in these briefs, newsletters and other notifying letters.
      Players consent to the Organizer utilizing information gathered while using the website or created by participating in raffles for advertisement purposes in order to present players with targeted advertising concerning these players. The Organizer is entitled to use such data to customize advertisement space on downloaded pages, and to choose the landing page after signing out. These operations are automatically performed by a computer program, without human interaction.
      The Organizer is entitled to use such data for purposes of public opinion research, market research, for the assembly of a research sample, and to reach players for such purposes.
    4. The Organizer is entitled to publish winners’ names, pictures, details of the given raffle and details of the prize. Players consent to this publication by registration and acceptance of the prizes.
    5. The Player expressly consents to the Organizer handing their data over to third parties, and to these parties sending advertisement to the Player as per clause 11.3.
    6. The Organizer discards given data in case:
      • the handling of such data is illegal or if the law prescribes the discarding of such data;
      • the player so requests;
      • the data is insufficient or incorrect, and this renders the data impossible to use;
      • the purpose of data handling is void;
      • is ordained by the authorities or by court.
    7. Players are entitled to correct their data and to request the Organizer to correct false data that is impossible for the players to correct. Players are entitled to delete each of their data entry or their entire registration. Players are entitled to request information about the handling of their data. The Organizer is entitled to send this information in electronic mail. Players are entitled to object to handling of their personal data.
  12. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from participation in all present and future organized raffles those persons cheating or committing fraud in any of the raffles organized by the Organizer.
  13. The Organizer is entitled to exclude from participation players who engage in acts contrary to the spirit of the game or using unfair tools. Specifically the following players:
    • Who breach the regulations of these Policies;
    • Who attempt to sway the draw with an informatics tool;
    • Who attempt to manipulate the Organizer’s informatics system.
  14. The Organizer reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of participating in the raffles.
  15. Players participate in the raffle at their own risk. The Organizer is not liable for damages or discomfort of the Player due to the Player’s own lack of reasonable foresight. Players shall comply with the law in effect, and shall abstain from illegal activities or pursuits infringing others’ interests during use. Specifically, players shall respect others’ personal space, personal rights, intellectual property rights, especially regulations for the protection of works of literature, science and art, inventions, design models, utility models, trademarks and traffic indications falling under copyright. Players shall abstain from any activity infringing the Organizer’s interest.
  16. For matters not regulated by these Policies, laws in force at the Organizer’s registered office shall prevail.
  17. By using the Facebook registration, the user consents to their profile picture being displayed on the homepage by the Organizer.